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Which Extractor Fan Installation Company Should I Choose?

Extractor and Canopy Maintenance, of course! When deciding which extractor fan installation company to do business with, keep in mind that we at Extractor and Canopy Maintenance are known to be able to install your kitchen extraction systems quickly, easily and at the best prices. Extractor systems are necessary in order to keep dirt, airborne grease and odours under control. If you own a restaurant or cafeteria, fan extractors will be an important part of keeping your company’s hygiene on par with health and safety standards.  When deciding which extractor fan installation company to do business with, you need to consider whether or not the company is experienced, whether or not they take pride in their customer service and whether or not they have the correct equipment and expertise in order to do a satisfactory job. Extractor and Canopy Maintenance is known for being one of the country’s leading kitchen extraction systems installation company purely because we are not satisfied with anything less than perfection. Once we have finished installing your extractor systems, they will look and function at their optimum! No more wondering which extraction fan company to choose- we at Extractor and Canopy Maintenance make the decision an easy one!

 Let Us Install and Clean Your Fan Extractors

Fan extractors are a part of your equipment in the kitchen that is there chiefly to maintain hygiene standards and get rid of odours.  Here at Extractor and Canopy Maintenance we specialise in the installation and cleaning of all industrial fan extractors. If fan extractors are not cleaned regularly, they can become a health hazard themselves. Fan extractors will eventually get clogged with grease and grime which will cause them to stop functioning properly AND make it easy for germs to spread around your kitchen. Extractor and Canopy Maintenance are the experts with regard to installing and servicing of industrial kitchen extraction systems. Most of our clients include hotels, food franchises, restaurants, hospitals and shopping malls. We operate throughout Southern Africa including South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Botswana & Namibia. We are the cleaning company and fan extractor installation company of choice for many businesses in South Africa like Anat, Debonairs and the Sun International Hotel. Here are some of our clients’ comments regarding our installation and maintenance service standards:

““Very fast, efficient service. Thanks.”
Susanne, Anat”

““Job well done. Pleasure working with your team!”
Fatima, Deboanairs

“Fantastic work, geee !!! I am really impressed. The reports are professional, comprehensive and a true reflection of your work carried out. I am genuinely impressed with the way this service was conducted. Really, really great work, I will be a customer for life... Well done and Thank you.”
Waldo de Jager, Sun International”

When wondering which cooker hoods Installation Company, or which extractor fan cleaning company to choose, think of us at Extractor and Canopy Maintenance first. We guarantee you personal attention and professional service every single time! For more information, call us on 011 786 3226.